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The roller coaster

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

I have never had so much time to just take it all in and work it all out.Maybe it’s The Drugs but I have never sean things clearer (ELIMINATE THE BULLSHIT)to get to what actually maters. Its pritty Harsh packing your life up and sorting through the wreckage.BUT THEN !!!!!!

More scans and i met the Surgeon Hopefully he is the man,He was surprised i hadn’t Drowned through cesures due to the pressure in my head he then ran me through my options and what was the best for me.Basically there going to open up my head and remove as much as possible and nuke the rest so long as they’t remove to much of my brain i should be back.I will never be back the way iw as this ride has been to Revelational It almost feals like some one just came up and turned you on.So Many things to do,Build ,and be  JUST GOT TO GET PAST THIS IN ONE PEICE  AND IMPLEMENT THE PLAN BECAUSE I AM NOT MESSING ANYMORE !!

Maybe i have had to much time to over Analise sht around me but one thing is clear there’s lot of it.

Finding some worth to it all.1 foot in front of the othere!!

Monday, July 28th, 2008

So your decked out thinking your clock card is just about  to get stamped. Then just have this full on moment with yourself 1.You Bastar* you short changed your kids a daddy 2.So what did you actually do with life 3.What kind of mess are you leaving behind-for your family and what willbe there memories of you.Without getting to out there it had to be one of the most clear moments in my life.A clean case of what actually maters.On a selfish level i could have thrown my cards in and still feal like i have had the full ride!I have NEVER just let life come to me .I grabbed it no mater what it was and always took it to the next level .But when you have two kids it’s no longer about you  !

More scans !so now there it is one in the head.Then full body scans ALL CLEAR(that was no fun doing thoes scans) ,MY BLOOD IS GOOD so i just have to get the head sorted.Thanks to a large does of DEXAMETHASONE The wheels are in motion.

This is where things kind of get F$£c*ed up I left Portsmouth to go home for two weeks before the next scans in southhampton.I dont know if its the drugs but i think i must of been round every coridoor of my mine backwards now trying to eork it all out and thats when it all gets to much and you just have to put one in front of the othere and DONT !! THINK !! Just do stuff.

The only problem is the stuff your doing is packing up your life and sorting all your shit.

Well I didn’t see That comming !What can i say ??????????

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

So I have been running around like an idiot for the last few months with a few Sharpe headaches.put it down to many things like water,coffee,Hangover on and on.Then had a strange Techno in my head no ipod on experience But just kind of put that down to the late 80 acid house days,Well ended up in a bush pucking had a kip and was fine went windsurfing ect then went off to do the China Thailand stuffthats when things got abit funky at the airport .Classic your waiting for you bags and you get 80’s techno playing in your head feeling sick and dissyand standing  in front of CUSTOMs.Managed to keep it together IMMAGINE that had the glove writen all over it LUCKY  escape. Got Home and had a new theory I had stopped smocking and was doing the gum patch thing,so it must be all to do with that,Saw the DR he packed me off for some nurofen and i was on the water that afternoon.I landed one loop on the pole kit and thought i had AXED MY HEAD IN TWO !!

I thenWent Down Cornwall the next day was really good surf and sunny,I DID 3 HOURS IN THE MORNIG AND 3 IN THE EV then had a meltdown puking and head splitting in two etc i thought it was heat ex or the water was crap.BasicalyCaroline had to drive us home with me pucking and winging.Got home but i was F%Ked maybe a day or so after that it was  mias birthday and she was having a party kids everywhere and her loser dad layingaround  all messed up ! It was at this point very obvious i was going to Hozzibut only because of my mum and wife i was still in man denial mode?????

I hate Hospitals because they scar the S$^ out off me Get past the AE desk and then it was Full steam ahead with tests and stuff.Basically had a load of scans and then get told i had a Brain TUMA I mean what do you say to that??.The only way the start was made easy was that they removed the pain !The staff at the Hospital wher AMAZING !!

Groundhog day

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

After running around like a nutter getting orders done for the last 3 months it’s back to the isolation wards of China and Thailand to get the fist run of 09 boards,Do some test layups and laugh at how big the SUP band waggon is getting.I have to admit i wouldn’t be without my 9’0 Quad fish but that’s as far as it goes for me.This Spring has been so bad a paddle board isn’t a bad thing to have,But give me a wave i am on my belly.

Good way to start the year

Thursday, March 20th, 2008


How is that for top class ! Ali B Cable Champ

7.jpg 6.jpg baddass.jpg


Big up on the win in Mexico !Aaron takes the first PKRA comp.


Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Left Oz  fall a sleep and wake up as we are coming into land at Phuket ! WTF ! Not good if you are meant to be going to Bangkok! It all ends up good apart from i am 3 hours late and my driver at Bangkok has given up and gone home leaving me to a game of try and fit the surfboards into a pink cab.The next day is just the same old factory visits to sort out any modifications and to pick up more excess baggage.After that it was a nice 4hour drive down south to Pran Buri for some testing.We scored two good days by Thailand standards and the place is pretty chilled so all in it was the perfect way to end my trip.

dsc01530.JPG dsc01533.JPG


Monday, March 10th, 2008

Got busted for 10kg so i took it like a man and payed up. Got picked up and was straight to the beach to test some boards and kites,Same deal for the next few days with a sneaky poleboard up at Lano.Ben Severne had just left for China so all his new 09 proto sails where left at my mersey along with his 70l Evo.Sunny 4.7 logo perfection !
The next week was all surfing down Margaret River and Grace-town with Leon Gordon and a few friends.I definitely pushed my level with some scary lefts and rights clean off rocks,A good incentive to make the take off

 tn_dsc01459.JPG tn_dsc01496.JPG

tn_dsc01453.JPG tn_dsc01469.JPG

After Margaret’s it was back to Perth with a variety of cuts and bruises to test some more boards and kites.

Land of the back hander

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Thailand Potentially the best country in the world if you are a Hedonistic fun loving bear swilling, Pot smoking relaxed kind of person.I only had 3 days there to sort out the other factory and pick up three new surfboards for me and five Production proto’s for Airush.Add this to my other proto’s ,I may as well go to the chemist and get some KY as i am going to shafted going to OZ !!

A pleasant surprise

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

So i have had 10 days slogging it out with a 3d cad program, laminated more boards than I know what to do with. Decided that the 10p chemically enhanced beer actually doesn’t taste that bad, and started to shotgun the bog. I caught the last night of Chinese new year which was like the final scenes of Apocalypse Now…I am ready to move on ! This is the sixth time out in China and 10 days is the cut off point, after that it was Colonel Kurtz time! and i was deep in Charlie terrirtory.

This is the fourth season Airush has produced boards from this Factory and it’s good to see the Quality and Efficiency in such a sharp rise.

So your on a 20kg but you have got 85kg! you definitely don’t look Chinese..Well you can guess the rest,No worries it’s not my cash.I did get them down the 30 kg excess so not a bad effort.

Is it my imagination ?

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Is it my imagination or are all the boards the same nowadays.I have just seen 4 different brands that i have never heard of all coming from the same mould.Is that what it has come to! Pretty sad really but i guess that’s the face of kite-boarding in 09.I would like to think the top brands will still keep developing,But then again maybe top brands should do this for there budget board and sweep all this crap under the carpet.In the end it is good for the customer.