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Way too close !!

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

I went surfing just before Christmas it was only head maybe head and a bit at West W. I paddled for a wave and the next thing I remember is coming around on the beach with oxygen masks and that sort of stuff. Luckily I was spotted face down close to the shore by two guys who flipped  me over. My lungs started to empty and they dragged me up the beach and called the ambulance.Then it was a day trip to St Richards hospital, Chichester.

This did slow me down for a few weeks but i was back in last week so all is good apart from the weather which sucks. So its back on the bike and clock some mileage.

Atomic Ray Gun and funky pills

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

So now i am getting hit with the atomic ray gun and eating a pretty funky cocktail of pills !! It was a shock to the system at first but now i seam to be able to deal with it.

Got a great hair do full mo hawk thanks to the radiation but hay so long as i never have a NUtkins who caries !!. I have been surfing a few times now and kite-surfing twice the second time was joy even managed to throw some shapes!!!NICE..!All in i think a corner has been turned and i am looking forward to getting better because my surfboard collection is getting out of hand just bought another 3 this last week!! Maybe i should get off my arse and go and make a new one?


Thursday, September 4th, 2008

I Feel amazing , I Have dumped all the junk food and crap i was throwing down my neck.No smoke and no alcohol no caffeine or sugar !! Full Detox and it’s amazing feeling this good.I have done some funky things in my life but this is a trip ! I wish i had done 10 years ago! Its hard to describe the natural high you get from just eating good food and smashing out the exercise.

I am racking up 20 miles a day on the bike and on  the SUP. a few times aweek,Went round the Needles last week there is some big currents to play with there.

I even managed to pound some pavement the other day.

The Dr recons 3 months-from the op until i can surf , Its been 5 weeks and i am good to go just need to sort out the bash hat !! That’s not an option when your head has been cut front to back !!


Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Starting to have way More clarity now the pressure has been removed from the melon.I have started to do boards and i am loving it, also loving riding my bicycle.Today i have some kayaks turning up and 2 SUP’S being delivered.The sup’s where a gift from Svein(DA BOSS) at Starboard to help with the rehabilitation’s.I have to thank the guys at Tushingham sail for the paddles and sorting it all out.But the biggest thanks will go with starboard for there top support in my road to recovery  has a long way to go but with the support i have been getting from everyone  helps loads every toy is a stepping stone form indo boards to SUP they are all balance and coordination.

Well doing boards is good mind therapy and it’s cool to just get things back to normal well as normal as they can be !!

So all in i am  looking forward and feeling positive !! Just need to get back in the water !!!


Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

So I have had the op and i am still Alive,,More to the point I still work.When you start removing tomatoes from your head shit can happen!It’s scary shit coming round from an op and working through your body,Right arm,left arm,left leg.right leg and so on.So it all works!!! The Dr recons 3 months until i can get in the water so until then its light exercise on a bike indo board and things that get the coordination working.3MONTHS IS A LONG TIME! So Your going to need as much help and inspirational as possible for you rehab so what do you do????

1.Contact every one you know that’s in the know and ask them if they would be able to get Top Ikonic figures to put pen to poster. I was amazed with the power of this.I have to say that a Mr

Robby Naish came out top on the leader board,Such positive messages Truly inspirational and special.Windsurfing was always my first sport and Robby Naish is And always will be the manl!!A close second is Pompy FA cup squad framed and signed .Thats Gold !!

Busting at the seamsto do some new boards

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

I feel like i have been a victim to long now Just

t had to much time to think and plan ! Now i just want to implement the master plan.I dint think i have been this fired up to do new board since i started bring it on ! I am almost excited \love it  I am back!!

The test results could have been better but thats life !!

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

So the test on the tuma coild have been better bud Weal with it.Most of the tuma was removed but some Bits where left as there rould have been to much damage to the brain rrying to remove them.So now i am getting hit with Radio and chemo to kill them off still going to br a couple of months till i am back on the waterthat sucks!!

Posertive Thinking !!

Monday, August 4th, 2008

It’s been a few days now since the op and Melon isin pain.Acording to the aniztasice they peeled my head like a Bananna.My right ear was ressting on my shoulder ! Now thats hardcore.The funny thing is before the dr asked if i wanted to do it under local

Anyway the thing was so big it was pushing my brain against the left handside of my head,The DR recons one heavy impact would have been enough to trigger a fit so he is actually amazed i am still alive.Thats scary and i guess anything now is a bonus.

The head is sore but thats all the staples front to back,just feal like i have had the crap beaten out of me.

It Has gone but has it ????????

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

This moreming at 11am they split my head open and a sergeon Peter Grndy went in and removed the Tuma on the right side of my Brain andi am still Alive !!.\the op took 4 hours and  there was alot o blood, The sergeon recons i have a substantial hole in my head !All i know is i’Vhave been cut open from my temple to the back if my neck round my right ear’It’s pretty hard And  Mssive dosehardcore.It’s all stapled up now and it hurts alot.They have done a CT scan after and he recons i look gooD,They will test the tuma this week and remove aNY bits radio therapy.Fingers crossed thiiss  The last off ny Nightmare.




Thanks to all thoes people who have suported me over the years  I will honour you and bEAT THIS CRAP OUT OF MY BODY. I am staying posertive due to lots ofpeoples love and suport.And a massive does of Steroedds,It’s been Emitional and a real soul finder rom the Kiting cominiuy to surfing  windsurfingI havw been touch  wiith rrabdom acts of kindness and they help so much wgwn you are down and i will always remember what you did so thank you………


Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

SO MUCH LOVE Some of the think people have done for me have been incredible and i will Honor your Generosity and kindness from Family and Friend and surfboard shapers,These guys are doing me There best work of art to be placed on a stand to inspire me to get well and just to see what a piece of Hand created Surfboard art should be.Dripping with history, finished with love.And shaped with soul. Boards like that can do things to you..

For me this has been Emotional and i have worked out allot in my head so i am ready for what will come next with a positive look so Hopefully i will see you all around soon 3 hours until the op