Starting to have way More clarity now the pressure has been removed from the melon.I have started to do boards and i am loving it, also loving riding my bicycle.Today i have some kayaks turning up and 2 SUP’S being delivered.The sup’s where a gift from Svein(DA BOSS) at Starboard to help with the rehabilitation’s.I have to thank the guys at Tushingham sail for the paddles and sorting it all out.But the biggest thanks will go with starboard for there top support in my road to recovery  has a long way to go but with the support i have been getting from everyone  helps loads every toy is a stepping stone form indo boards to SUP they are all balance and coordination.

Well doing boards is good mind therapy and it’s cool to just get things back to normal well as normal as they can be !!

So all in i am  looking forward and feeling positive !! Just need to get back in the water !!!

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