So I have had the op and i am still Alive,,More to the point I still work.When you start removing tomatoes from your head shit can happen!It’s scary shit coming round from an op and working through your body,Right arm,left arm,left leg.right leg and so on.So it all works!!! The Dr recons 3 months until i can get in the water so until then its light exercise on a bike indo board and things that get the coordination working.3MONTHS IS A LONG TIME! So Your going to need as much help and inspirational as possible for you rehab so what do you do????

1.Contact every one you know that’s in the know and ask them if they would be able to get Top Ikonic figures to put pen to poster. I was amazed with the power of this.I have to say that a Mr

Robby Naish came out top on the leader board,Such positive messages Truly inspirational and special.Windsurfing was always my first sport and Robby Naish is And always will be the manl!!A close second is Pompy FA cup squad framed and signed .Thats Gold !!

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