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Thursday, September 4th, 2008

I Feel amazing , I Have dumped all the junk food and crap i was throwing down my neck.No smoke and no alcohol no caffeine or sugar !! Full Detox and it’s amazing feeling this good.I have done some funky things in my life but this is a trip ! I wish i had done 10 years ago! Its hard to describe the natural high you get from just eating good food and smashing out the exercise.

I am racking up 20 miles a day on the bike and on  the SUP. a few times aweek,Went round the Needles last week there is some big currents to play with there.

I even managed to pound some pavement the other day.

The Dr recons 3 months-from the op until i can surf , Its been 5 weeks and i am good to go just need to sort out the bash hat !! That’s not an option when your head has been cut front to back !!