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From 90cm Buzz boards to 10′6″SUP’s I will make it all!Why? Because i ride it all. I am mainly known for my Twintips but i basically come from the mid to late 90’s Eps windsurfing take over.This type of construction would make everything else look like child’s play ! I have seen TT’s go from rapped rail monsters to slick finely tuned Machines, Thanks to development by many key custom guys around the world .








The pinnacle of tt’s,With this design you are dealing with a higher standard of rider who will know what he want for the conditions he will kite in. These boards are all about performance,Weight and strength. A full wood core will have the strength but will be to soft for any real aggressive pop. Also you will be carrying around dead weight on your toe-side.


Wood toe-side? A foam core will start life with good response but will soon lose it’s memory only to become soggy and lifeless. So it is with a combination of the two that i mainly work with.The layup will be selected depending on the riders weight and ability but it will consist of UD Carbon,Bi-axial glass,UD glass  and finishing glass.




The rails are ABS and the tip and tail is 3mm Abs,All the inserts are Stainless and positioned for the individual rider.The actual shape of the board will depend on how and where the rider kites,But with 3 PKRA Freestyle construction Championships in the bag I would like to think i have a good idea of what works in what condition.
free-rideFor most people kite-surfing is just about Cruising,Chilling out and having fun.The Free-ride boards designed for the more mature rider who’s mind maybe younger than his body,He/She may need a softer board with less aggressive outline. dsc01698.JPG  
The Construction is still wood foam core but all the carbon is reduced and the core thickness is reduced to increase the flex but still maintain good response.The board is made slightly wider to increase the low end so the rider won’t have to go out full lit to go up wind,Elliptical concave will also smooth out the ride and give more wind range with a locked in ride.


There are two ways of making a light wind board .One is to just make a plank that is wide and flat Almost no rocker,Add a big boxy outline and there you go ! This will get you up and running in the lightest of wind.The second style is to add con-caves,Rocker and a more refined outline,although you will lose some low end the performance of the board will increase.

The construction is very important on this board as you want the board to be as light as possible due to its size.




 The goal for this style of board is to produce a board that will make life as easy as possible at a price that will encourage the growth of the sport.

twin tipsYou can Basically brake TT’s in to Four categories,Freestyle,Free-ride,Light wind and intermediate /beginner.All will have there varying sizes within there application group. dsc01603.JPG
dsc01419.JPG dsc01420.JPG
dsc00940.JPG dsc01129.JPG
dsc00976.JPG dsc01024.JPG

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