The roller coaster

I have never had so much time to just take it all in and work it all out.Maybe it’s The Drugs but I have never sean things clearer (ELIMINATE THE BULLSHIT)to get to what actually maters. Its pritty Harsh packing your life up and sorting through the wreckage.BUT THEN !!!!!!

More scans and i met the Surgeon Hopefully he is the man,He was surprised i hadn’t Drowned through cesures due to the pressure in my head he then ran me through my options and what was the best for me.Basically there going to open up my head and remove as much as possible and nuke the rest so long as they’t remove to much of my brain i should be back.I will never be back the way iw as this ride has been to Revelational It almost feals like some one just came up and turned you on.So Many things to do,Build ,and beĀ  JUST GOT TO GET PAST THIS IN ONE PEICEĀ  AND IMPLEMENT THE PLAN BECAUSE I AM NOT MESSING ANYMORE !!

Maybe i have had to much time to over Analise sht around me but one thing is clear there’s lot of it.

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