Well I didn’t see That comming !What can i say ??????????

So I have been running around like an idiot for the last few months with a few Sharpe headaches.put it down to many things like water,coffee,Hangover on and on.Then had a strange Techno in my head no ipod on experience But just kind of put that down to the late 80 acid house days,Well ended up in a bush pucking had a kip and was fine went windsurfing ect then went off to do the China Thailand stuffthats when things got abit funky at the airport .Classic your waiting for you bags and you get 80’s techno playing in your head feeling sick and dissyand standing  in front of CUSTOMs.Managed to keep it together IMMAGINE that had the glove writen all over it LUCKY  escape. Got Home and had a new theory I had stopped smocking and was doing the gum patch thing,so it must be all to do with that,Saw the DR he packed me off for some nurofen and i was on the water that afternoon.I landed one loop on the pole kit and thought i had AXED MY HEAD IN TWO !!

I thenWent Down Cornwall the next day was really good surf and sunny,I DID 3 HOURS IN THE MORNIG AND 3 IN THE EV then had a meltdown puking and head splitting in two etc i thought it was heat ex or the water was crap.BasicalyCaroline had to drive us home with me pucking and winging.Got home but i was F%Ked maybe a day or so after that it was  mias birthday and she was having a party kids everywhere and her loser dad layingaround  all messed up ! It was at this point very obvious i was going to Hozzibut only because of my mum and wife i was still in man denial mode?????

I hate Hospitals because they scar the S$^ out off me Get past the AE desk and then it was Full steam ahead with tests and stuff.Basically had a load of scans and then get told i had a Brain TUMA I mean what do you say to that??.The only way the start was made easy was that they removed the pain !The staff at the Hospital wher AMAZING !!

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