Got busted for 10kg so i took it like a man and payed up. Got picked up and was straight to the beach to test some boards and kites,Same deal for the next few days with a sneaky poleboard up at Lano.Ben Severne had just left for China so all his new 09 proto sails where left at my mersey along with his 70l Evo.Sunny 4.7 logo perfection !
The next week was all surfing down Margaret River and Grace-town with Leon Gordon and a few friends.I definitely pushed my level with some scary lefts and rights clean off rocks,A good incentive to make the take off

 tn_dsc01459.JPG tn_dsc01496.JPG

tn_dsc01453.JPG tn_dsc01469.JPG

After Margaret’s it was back to Perth with a variety of cuts and bruises to test some more boards and kites.

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