A pleasant surprise

So i have had 10 days slogging it out with a 3d cad program, laminated more boards than I know what to do with. Decided that the 10p chemically enhanced beer actually doesn’t taste that bad, and started to shotgun the bog. I caught the last night of Chinese new year which was like the final scenes of Apocalypse Now…I am ready to move on ! This is the sixth time out in China and 10 days is the cut off point, after that it was Colonel Kurtz time! and i was deep in Charlie terrirtory.

This is the fourth season Airush has produced boards from this Factory and it’s good to see the Quality and Efficiency in such a sharp rise.

So your on a 20kg but you have got 85kg! you definitely don’t look Chinese..Well you can guess the rest,No worries it’s not my cash.I did get them down the 30 kg excess so not a bad effort.

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